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Organizational support

ONIX utilizes wholistic approach to deliver enterprise business capabilities that empower organizations to be more agile and adaptable to today’s rapidly changing business and technological landscapes ONIX visualizes the Enterprise as a collective sum internal operational lines of business (LOB) that work cohesively to support vital business mission areas ONIX analyzes governance, strategic imperatives and business operational processes underpinned by man power studies and business process lean events to reduce redundant processes. We develop business services to enhance LOBs capabilities and successfully meet their business mission objectives




Capability Management

Capability management processes play an increased role in leading and driving business transformation. ONIX Enterprise Solutions, Inc. utilizes capability management services to assist organizations with the alignment of enterprise requirements to strategic IT and business system acquisition goals.LEARN MORE

IT Project/Portfolio Management

In an era of tighter program budgets, the ONIX IT project/portfolio management team understands the significance of controlling and reducing the costs for maintaining the enterprise and its assets. Our team utilizes enterprise architecture products to underpin portfolio stacks to synchronize Business, Capability, and Technology assets with leadership oversight, governance, and management efforts.LEARN MORE

Technology support

ONIX support our business transformation efforts by employing Full Spectrum Architecture to support organizational IT strategies. We use a holistic approach to plan, integrate, and develop solutions that span across all domains to resolve complex business and technology challenges. Our focus is to provide integrated services and products that produce analysis critical to business alignment that hinder the organization's ability to operate at an optimal level of efficiency and performance Our extensive portfolio of technology services enables our customers to make well informed business decisions in the following areas:


Enterprise Architecture Development

At ONIX Enterprise Solutions, Inc. enterprise architecture development is our number one priority. Our professional staff empowers organizational leaders to make well-informed acquisition decisions for their organization’s IT infrastructure.LEARN MORE

Cyber Security Architecture Support

In today's complex networking environments, businesses and government agencies must protect network infrastructure assets from cyber-attacks. ONIX Enterprise Solutions, Inc. works with customers to create effective cybersecurity programs to mitigate risk of attacks, protect intellectual property, computing, and business system resources.LEARN MORE

Solutions Architecture Support

At ONIX, solutions architecture development is a critical service vital to supporting the IT infrastructure operations of any organization. The ONIX team delivers solutions architecture development and design products to support not only the mission, but the organization’s strategic vision and goals.LEARN MORE


Logistics Service Support

ONIX provides Supply Chain Management that supports the ongoing challenges prospective customers face in dealing with procurement activities. Supply chain customers have unique requirements that support a very unique line of business and business requirements.LEARN MORE