IT Project/Portfolio Management


IT Portfolio Management (IT PfM)
Does your Organization meet the portfolio management standards

In today's business environment, managing costs is a top priority. In some organizations, IT expenses and investments can often consume over half the costs of organizational operating budgets. In an era of tighter program budgets, the ONIX IT project/portfolio management team understands the significance of controlling and reducing the costs for maintaining the enterprise and its assets. Our team utilizes enterprise architecture products to underpin portfolio stacks to synchronize Business, Capability, and Technology assets with leadership oversight, governance, and management efforts. ONIX understands the importance of collating capabilities, resources, and related investments required to support the mission and complete the enterprise puzzle. The ONIX portfolio management team is knowledgeable in the following three component processes that support DoD and Federal IT Portfolio Management environments:

The Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) Process collate. 

Determine the best mix of forces and investments based on cost and operational effectiveness
The Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) Process
Provides added new emphasis on the use of performance metrics based on outputs and return on investment
The Defense Acquisition System (DAS) Process
Is used to develop roadmaps for capabilities, adopt industry best practices, and establish a knowledge-based approach.

Our Approach to IT PfM is centered around these focus areas;


Activity in which Mission Area Leads and Sub-portfolio Authorities, in collaboration with Components, establish performance goals, identify gaps and opportunities, provide for continuous improvement, and explore functional and technical options as documented in current capabilities and future integrated architectures.


Activity that identifies the best mix of investments within available resources to meet integrated Enterprise, Mission Area, Sub-portfolio, and Component strategic goals.


Activity focused on acquiring the capabilities selected for the portfolio.


Activity focused on measuring and assessing the outcomes of portfolio investments to determine whether expected benefits were achieved.

The outlined IT PfM focus area processes enable customers to optimize management of their IT portfolio assets and produce analytics to support enterprise planning, budget, and acquisition requirements. Critical IT PfM analytics can be used to underpin modernization and implementation projects and processes like ITIL, AGILE, SOA or Cloud services within any organizational enterprise. The ONIX team’s IT PfM services will, increase efficiency of stakeholder mission area information sharing; align assets to acquisition cycles; and promote re-use of portfolio analytics to drive improved acquisition decisions. Our portfolio management approach ensures IT program decisions are aligned with capability and strategic requirements to increase ROI of projects and drive down operational costs of IT assets.