Cyber Security Architecture Support


Cyber Security Architecture Support
Does your organization meet its security compliance objectives?

In today's complex networking environments, businesses and government agencies must protect network infrastructure assets from cyber-attacks. ONIX Enterprise Solutions, Inc. works with customers to create effective cybersecurity programs to mitigate risk of attacks, protect intellectual property, computing, and business system resources. At ONIX, we help enterprises create robust cyber security programs through industry standard (ISO, COBIT, NIST) frameworks or with open standards. Our team will look to assess customer enterprise security gaps and shortfalls; and identify the framework or open standards needed to produce the correct solutions to protect the enterprise from evolving cyber-threats.

The ONIX cyber security protection methodology is flexible and unique the customer’s needs. This flexibility is often needed for the implementation of new capabilities, infrastructure upgrades, and network modernization projects. We apply open standards or security frameworks in a variety of security architecture products, collectively providing comprehensive cyber security approaches for protection of current or evolving enterprises. ONIX’s cyber security solutions present a unified approach to enterprise protection, backed by detailed security policies, and architectures applicable throughout the customer enterprise for effective protection of critical IT assets.