Capability Management Section

Capability Management
Does your organization meet its core capabilities goals?

Capability management processes play an increased role in leading and driving business transformation. ONIX Enterprise Solutions, Inc. utilizes capability management services to assist organizations with the alignment of enterprise requirements to strategic IT and business system acquisition goals. Our expertise helps organizations identify sustainable use of current and future capabilities to meet shifting strategic and current operational objectives of an enterprise. Effective capability management is applicable across commercial, federal, and DoD business sectors.

The ONIX team collaborates with customers to identify and assess capability gap effects within the organization to help decision makers determine enterprise capability needs. ONIX understands that no two clients or organizations are the same. Therefore, employment of a capability management methodology is unique to each enterprise and is essential to successful alignment of operational and business requirements, specifically to the organizational strategic objectives and goals. The ultimate end-state of our capability management processes is to assist customers with achieving optimal levels of technical and organizational interoperability of enterprise systems and IT assets.